Saturday, November 22, 2008

和平&獨立 T-shirt / ‘Peace & Independence’ T-shirt

和平&獨立 T-shirt
‘Peace & Independence’ T-shirt

這款T恤是藏青會台灣分會所推出的第一款Campaign T-shirt,他們想要告訴世人,「和平」與「獨立」兩者都是他們追求的價值。
T恤正面是合十的雙手,這是一個佛教徒及藏人常見的手勢,代表著和平的態度;但是,您也可以從合十的雙手中看到其中所蘊含的力量。T恤背面是藏文的獨立一詞 (念法為:Rangzen),紅色代表著他們追求獨立的堅持和熱情。

By introducing this very first campaign T-shirt of RTYC Taiwan, we want to send the message to the world that peace and independence are both the values we are fighting for.
On the front of the T-shirt is a gesture of two joint hands palm against palm. It is a common gesture for Buddhists and Tibetans. In addition to express a peaceful intention, the palming hands also indicate the strength within.
On the back is the Tibetan word for independence pronounced as “Rangzen”. The color red represents TYC members’ endurance and passion for Tibet independence.