Thursday, August 7, 2008

【20080807 Press Notice】Taiwan Human Rights Campaign for Beijing Olympics

Taiwan Human Rights Campaign for Beijing Olympics
“Shine the Light of Human Rights on Beijing” Rally

2008.08.07Press Notice

Time: 2008/8/7, 19:00~22:00
Place: Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall, Liberty Square

On the night before the opening of the Beijing Olympics, Taiwanese civil society stands together with counterparts around the world to launch the “Shine the Light of Human Rights on Beijing” activity.

This event follows the petition campaign “Showcase Human Rights at the Beijing Olympics” launched by the Taiwan Free Burma Network, Taiwan Friends of Tibet, Taiwan Alliance to End the Death Penalty, Taiwan Association for Human Rights, Taiwan Labor Front, Judicial Reform Foundation, Taiwan Guts, Taiwan Youth for Democracy in Asia, Humanistic Education Foundation, and other civil society organizations. This night, representatives of academia, social movements, artists, religious leaders, China’s overseas democracy movements, and the Tibetan and Burmese communities in Taiwan have been invited to speak on the theme “We want a human rights Olympics, not a bloody Olympics.” Invited speakers include Democratic Progressive Party Chairwoman Tsai Ing-wen, film director Cheng Wen-tang , rock musician Freddy, Chinese dissident Yang Jianli, Taiwan Peace Foundation Executive Director Chien Hsi-chieh , and Tibetan activist Tashi Tsering.

The event will also include a performance by human rights musician, as well as prayers from various religions, and candle-lighting ceremony, part of a worldwide campaign, which will symbolize the light of human rights being offered to the peoples of China, Tibet, and Burma who have been struggling for freedom.

Up to now, more than 30 civil society organizations have endorsed the petition campaign, and during the event participants will be encouraged to continue signing. We will also call on the Taiwanese public to “turn off the Olympics opening ceremony” and “boycott Olympic sponsors on August 8.”

All members of the media and public are welcome to attend!

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