Monday, February 23, 2009

TYC organized Gudor with demonized effigies of Mao and Hu Jintao

TYC organized Gudor with demonized effigies of Mao and Hu Jintao

[Dharamsala: 23rd Febuary, 2009]
Tibetan Youth Congress Organized a peaceful demonstration against PRC Chinese rule in Tibet and ongoing Human Righs Violation in Tibet which is the first phase of protest to boycott this year Tibetan New Year to give tribute to our brave Tibetan men and women who had lost their life in last year peaceful protest.

According to Tibetan Calender,on the twenty-ninth day of the twelfth month. That is the day before the Tibetan New Year's Eve. On that day the monasteries do a protector deities' puja (a special kind of ritual) and begin preparations for the Losar celebrations. The custom that day is to make special noodle called guthuk.

Demonstration was stages as a part of religious ritual called gudor to get rid of evils and misfortune before the commencement of Tibetan New Year. But this Year, TYC made the effigies of Mao Tsetung and Hu Jintao which represents evils for Tibetan and set their effigies into Fire which repersents a kind of symbolic act to marked the ongoing repression and suffering inside Tibet.

Huge number of Tibetans and Tibet supporters took part in protest which started from Mcloed Bus Stand around 6.30 PM. Dhondup Lhadhar, Gen Secretary of Tibetan Youth Congress told the mass about the reason of boycotting this year Tibetan New Year and appeal young tibetan to contribute something for the cause.

He also stated that “Both Mao and Hu Jintao represent symbols of evil for Tibetans. Setting off their representations on fire on this day is symbolic of exorcizing evil forces that have brought unprecedented suffering and repression in Tibet,” Tenzin Norsang, Joint Secretary of TYC delivered the speech in English. Latter Tibetans started to make a protest and shouted the slogan of Free Tibet, “Tibet Belongs to Tibetan” and Long live Tibetan Martyrs.

TYC observe 2136 Earth Ox Year in Tibetan Lunar calendar, as a “Black New Year” for Tibetan, as its yet to mark the first annversiary of repression to the Tibetan people inside Tibet by the Chinese in March 2008. It also marks 60 years of China’s invasion of Tibet and 50th Anniversary of the failed uprising against Chinese rule that forced the Tibetan leader the his Holiness the Dalai Lama to fled into Exile.
Tibetan Youth Congress and its regional chapters worldwide will going to organize a series of protest rallies, prayer vigil and also 3 days hunger strike at Mcloed ganj Bus stand to Boycott the Tibetan New Year.

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