Thursday, April 8, 2010

2nd Congress of the Asia Pacific Greens Network / APGN 2010亞太綠人大會

APGN 2010

Asia Pacific Greens Network (APGN) 2010 provisional schedule
第二屆亞太綠人大會 - 議程表 (APGN2010) 更新版議程表


Day 2: 05/01/2010 Saturday
Forum: Asia Pacific debates - What next after Copenhagen?
15.00-17.00 Discussion Workshops 議題工作坊

Climate Change and Pastoralism on the Tibetan Plateau.
Conveners: Mr. Tenzin Norbu, Ms. Dhondup Dolma and Mr. Suresh Nautiyal.

Tibetan Plateau is considered as the 'Third Pole' and the impacts of climate change will directly affect many Asian countries. It is also regarded as the 'Water Tower of Asia', approximately 1.3 billion peoples are directly or indirectly dependent on the water that flows through it. Pastoralist life on the Tibetan Plateau is facing huge challenge with current climate change and development policies. During the session, the compilation of years of latest research findings and experimental data from many Chinese scientists and Western researchers on the Tibetan Plateau will be discussed. Process Flow: This workshop will be a semi-technical and a two way interaction between the participants and the speakers.

召集人: 丹金羅布先生、頓珠卓瑪女士及蘇瑞納提亞先生。

青藏被認為”第三極”,將會直接影響許多亞洲國家的氣候變遷。它也被視為亞洲蓄水塔,大約有13億人口直接或間接使用青藏高原孕育出的流水。青藏高原上的牧民生活因為目前的氣候變遷及政府發展政策而面臨前所未有的挑戰。會議期間將會討論許多中國科學家和西方研究者對青藏高原多年來的最新研究及實驗數據。 議程 : 此工作坊將會是半技術及演講者與參與者雙向互動的模式進行。

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