Monday, March 30, 2009

TYC organised Marathon “Run for Tibet” to oppose China’s so called “serf emancipation day” celebration

28th March 2009 – Opposing the China’s illegal Celebration of 50 years serf emancipation day’ Tibetan Youth Congress organised a Marathon called “Run for Tibet” from Majnu Ka Tila Tibetan Camp to Jantar Mantar which was participated by 50 Tibetans including RTYC Saymeling and Nainital. Out of these 50 people, 40 were male and 10 were female to spread awareness about the Tibet Independence to the world and appeal to support Tibetan Issue.

The Programme begin at Majnu ka Tila Tibetan Camp at 10.30 am by singing Tibetan and Indian National Anthem and follow by 2 Minutes silence for the brave Tibetan Martyrs who were brutally killed by Communist China for Tibet Independence and the marathon was flagged off by Dorjee la Leader of Mt Tibetan Camp and before starting the Marathon TYC President Tsewang Rigzin spoke to the media in general and Tibetans in particular that Chinese authorities continue to unleash the most inhumane treatment of the Tibetan people by restoring to torture by giving electric shocks to the genitals of the captive Tibetans and we strongly condemned the so called “ serf emancipation day” celebration today by illegal communist Chinese regime in Tibet and TYC Joint Secretary Tenzing Norsang read out the official statement of TYC to condemns against the Chinese Celebration of Serf emancipation day.

The Participant were filled with enthusiasm as they made their way through the heavy traffic of Delhi and Making their way through the traffic was not easy but they were determined to run more to spread awareness about Tibet Independence against China Illegal Celebration of 50 years Liberation of Tibet and shouting anti China slogan and Some participated singing Patriotic songs to keep their spirits high. Despite all the problems being faced by them, they were determined to struggle continue for Tibet Independence by taking part in more campaign and many participate losses their temper when Indian Police interfere to stop the marathon but with the effort of organiser to face any circumstance to struggle and finally marathon were successfully organised to spread awareness about Tibet Independence.

As soon the participated reached Jantar Mantar, there are gripped with energy to find effigy of Hu – Jinto tight with Chinese red Flag. There started shouting Slogans, screams and some tears – all that they could do for their motherland at that point in time. The evident frustration of not being able to free one’s own country – how many more years? But the faith is strong and the will to live in a Free Tibet is stronger.

The marathon concluded with the burning of the Chinese national Flag with effigy of Hu –Jinto and the singing of the Patriotic song “We shall overcome” with pray in heart to Free Tibet where TYC Tenzing Norsang add that our struggle will continue until Free Tibet and appeal to all the responsible Government and people of the world urge the international Community to truly stand up for the Tibetan people with concrete action and pressure China to immediately stop its atrocities and culture genocide against the Tibetan peoples and Mr Penpa Tsering TYC International Relation Secretary covey the words of Thanks and announced that TYC will led a Thank You India day on coming 31 march when His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Tibetans being received by representative of Government of India at border after escape from Tibet.

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