Wednesday, January 7, 2009

TYC Announces the Release of a Publication in Response to the Allegations of the Communist Party of China

Tibetan Youth Congress Announces the Release of a Publication in Response to the Allegations of the Communist Party of China

Dharmshala, H.P., January 6, 2009 – The Office of the Central Executive Committee of Tibetan Youth Congress have organized a press conference today at TYC Conference room. Mr. Dhondup Dorjee Shokda, Vice President of TYC presided over the press conference which was attend by Tibetan, Indian and International media based in Dharamshala.

During the conference TYC Officially launched the publication of its new report "RESPONSE: Response to the Allegations of the Communist Party of China" that will reveal the series of attempts made by the Chinese government to malign the Tibetan People's peaceful movement and present the response to the numerous unfounded allegations made by the CPC.

Mr. Dorjee briefly outlined the purpose behind and significance of the publication by TYC. He also stated "By seeing the potentials of TYC, China has been preparing for decades to disrupt and sabotage the activities of the organization. At the time of TYC's inception in 1970, China strongly criticized its very foundation and today, China not only condemns its very existence but also its policies and activities. In the coming decades, China will most likely intensify its allegations against TYC". Miss Tenzin Yangdon Kura-amje, Public Relation Secretary of TYC read the Press Release in English for the foreign medias. After the briefings, Mr. Dorjee and Miss Yangdon both have satisfactorily answered to all the questions from the medias who were present during the conference.

China has been propagating against Tibetan Youth Congress through their foreign missions and academic circles for decades. After 10 March 2008, the unprecedented peaceful Tibetan people's movement through out the three traditional provinces of Tibet shattered the Communist Party of China's (CPC) claims that Tibet always was an inalienable part of China and the Tibetan people were content under China's rule. The display of the Tibetan peoples deeply held resentment against the colonial occupation of Tibet posed a direct challenge to the Chinese government's legitimacy in Tibet.

The CPC being incapable of facing reality made a scapegoat of TYC to inflict unwarranted damage to TYC's standing in the international community. It made their secret campaigns against TYC public by terming it as a terrorist organization without any credible evidence. Through their official mouth piece Xinhua, CCTV, Internet and other sources numerous baseless allegations were hurled at His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan Youth Congress.

In the recent times, the CPC has intensified their campaigns against TYC with baseless allegations containing the usual communist rhetoric. Therefore, we have prepared this researched response to help present the facts and truth from mere China's fabrications. We also hope that the release of the response will provide a clearer understanding of the Tibetan Youth Congress and its activities.

Tibetan Youth Congress today, is a world wide organization of Tibetans united in the common struggle for the restoration of independence of Tibet with over 30,000 members in 84 chapters in 12 countries. It has emerged as the most active and important political force within the Tibetan community. As the largest independent Tibetan organization with the broadest support base, it also serves as a training ground for the leadership in Tibetan society. TYC has a written constitution with clearly outlined goals.

Dhondup Dorjee Shokda
Vice-President, Tibetan Youth Congress
+91 1892 221554, mobile: +91 9418795547 (H.P), 9899769790 (New Delhi)

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