Thursday, January 8, 2009

TYC concludes Tibetan Youth Leadership training

TYC concludes Tibetan Youth Leadership training

[Bangalore: 1st - 6th January, 2009]

The 6 day youth leadership training concluded yesterday. At the closing ceremony, participants took various individual oaths of contributing what they can to the cause of Tibet. Tibetan students from colleges all over India, high school students and monks from various monasteries took part in the training.

In the course of the training, the participants were briefed on “The history of Tibet’s Independence” as the main focus of this year’s training. The training also included briefing on “Impact of China’s Economic and Political status on Tibet”, “Human Rights and Lobby Tactics”, “Life under China’s Prison”, “Economy, Education and Human Rights situation inside Tibet” and social issues like “Aids and Drugs” among others. All sessions were highly interactive with participants asking very intelligent questions to the presenters.

The training also included sessions where the participants were divided into different groups and allowed group discussion on current issues and the groups then made their presentation followed by questions and answer session.


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